Want Longer, Thicker Lashes Instantly?

Kerathik Eyelash Lengthener is the natural alternative to false lashes and extensions. Just brush them on for longer lashes!

You’ll be amazed at the dramatic difference! Kerathik Lash Lengthener is Hollywood’s secret eyelash building breakthrough  that goes on top of your favorite mascara to double the volume of your eyelashes!

Designed to give you full impact, glamorous and long lashes. It’s not mascara! It’s made from feather light natural fiber that transforms your lashes into the fullest, longest lashes… you’ve only dreamed of! Lash Lengthener surrounds each individual lash for incredible volume to thicken and lengthen them! Simply apply in between coats of your favorite mascara, for fabulous flirty lashes.

Now you can apply lash extensions yourself at home with KeraThik Lash Lengthener. With our micro eyelash extensions you can simply brush on in just seconds, without having to sit in a salon for hours to have them painstakingly glued on.

Quick and easy, simply apply in between coats of mascara. Hundreds of micro natural lash fibers adhere to the tips of your own lashes for a boost of volume, length and strength. The all natural formula instantly delivers a fabulous false eyelash effect.

Kerathik Lash Lengthener is made from natural fibers. These brush on lashes need no adhesive to create Ultra Glam Lashes. The effect is dramatic, transforming your lashes into Long Luscious Lashes.

Kerathik Lash Lengthener is a natural solution for thinning, short or sparse lashes. The tiny fibers adhere to your own lashes and instantly thickens without the mess of artificial lashes and adhesives

No more glued fake lashes or spending hours in the salon, get voluptuous, clump-free lashes that are smudge and tear proof, and slide off easily with warm water .The unique, tiny hair like extensions  give high-impact length, whilst vitamin E help keep lashes soft and nourished.

Lengthen, Strengthen & Volumize Lashes instantly! Add hundreds of tiny lash hairs to your eyelashes instantly

Kerathik Lash Lengthener Benefits

Voluminous and dramatic results

• Will not damage your own lashes
• Easily removed with warm water
• Great value, 100 applications
• Get voluptuous, clump-free lashes that are smudge & tear 
• False lash finish without the expensive salon price
• Adds 4-8MM Length instantly


Can I use any other mascara with the fibres?

Yes, you can. Lash Lengthener works with your favourite mascara.

Is LASH LENGTHENER ok to wear if I wear contacts?
Yes, contact wearers can use Lash Lengthener making sure you pay attention to the instructions of application & tilt head forward when applying fibres to avoid any fibres falling in your eyes.

Can I wear lash lengthener all day?
Yes, you can enjoy the great look of KeraThik Lash Lengthener all day and all night long. The natural fibres won't fall off.

How do I remove lash lengthener?
Remove with warm water and your normal eye makeup remover.

Will lash lengthener add volume and length to your lashes?
Yes, Micro lash extensions attach to the end of your own lashes therefore appearing natural and real. The more you apply, the more longer and dramatic the result!

How does Lash lengthener work?
The revolutionary brush-on tiny lash Fibers adhere to your lash follicles, acting like instant false eye lashes. Our natural fibers are treated with a patented coating to ensure the fibers bind to your eye lashes. Another coat of mascara secures the fibres in place.

Is Kerathik Lash Lengthener harmful?
No this product does not penetrate your lashes, it is applied on top of your mascara and is light weight unlike lash extensions where the adhesive may irritate your eyes or thin your lashes which leads to lash loss or unlike false lashes which weigh down your natural lashes.

Are there tips to apply this product?
Yes, one tip is to apply this product before your foundation or eye shadow, as a bit does fall on your cheeks and eyelids. Use a powder brush to brush it off. As you get used to this product you will find less will fall.

Can I use Kerathik Lash Lengthener if I have applied mascara?

Yes, actually you must apply Kerathik right after applying a layer of mascara while the mascara is still wet and continue mascara, kerathik, till you have achieved the thickness you would like.

Which mascara should I use with Kerathik?
You can use any brand of mascara you would like, it is Kerathik that is going to give you the fuller longer effect, not the mascara.   


No more glued fake lashes or spending hours in the salon, get voluptuous clump-free Lashes instantly!

1. Apply a coat of your favorite mascara

2. Remove KeraThik wand from the bottle and tap off the excess fiber.While mascara is still wet stroke the external tips of your lashes while tilting your head down.

3. Apply a second coat of mascara to seal the product.

Repeat the process until lash length desired is achieved.

Removal: Remove with soap and water or makeup remover

Note: Product is not recommended to be used alone or on dry lashes. If fiber falls on the skin, brush away lightly with a powder brush or cotton swab.

Kerathik Lash Lengthener 

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Hollywood Secret! Kerathik Lash Lengthener!